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Two kittens sat side by side

Here at Smallholders we have an array of wonderful family pets for you to choose from

When getting a new pet there are many important things to consider, however when everything is considered, a new pet, big or small, can be a great addition to the family and enhance your way of life.


Here at Smallholders Pet, Garden & Aquatic Centre, our expert and knowledgeable team will help you make the right decision when choosing your pet. From kittens and birds to cold-water and tropical fish and turtles, we are sure we have the perfect pet for you.


However if we don't, from our vast network we can acquire your specific breed and type of pet for you.

Make your pet feel at home

To ensure your pet settles into your home nicely and you have all the things you need, we stock a wide range of accessories for your pet, including:


• Cages

• Hutches

• Beds

• Treats

• Dog collars

• Dog leads

• Pet food (Royal Canin, Hills, James WellBeloved and others)

• Toys

• Cat scratching posts

• Treatment and shampoos

And many more...

Finding your perfect pet is only a phone call away.

020 8534 1972