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Range of fish in a tank filled with gravel

This is my local shop and what a great place it is. It has everything you could think of and at great prices. The fish always look healthy and the tanks always look clean and well stocked. If you haven't been here before, give it a go, you will love it - Paula O'Shea

Find the right fish for your home

From pond fish to turtles, fish tanks to water treatments; Smallholders Pet, Garden & Aquatic Centre has everything you could possibly need for keeping fish in your home or pond.


Whether you already have fish or are a prospective first time fish owner, our expert and knowledgeable team will help you find the fish that suits your lifestyle. We will provide you with important advice on how to maintain your fish properly and extra information that you may need so you are equipped with all the necessary knowledge to care for your fish.

Our range of fish and water based pets:

• Cold-water fish (plecos, fancy fan tails, koi carp, goldfish)

• Tropical fish (cichlids, catfish, siamese fighting fish, blackmores)

• Pond fish

• Turtles

• Aquatic frogs

• Terrapins

• Lobsters

• Weather loach


If we do not stock the species of fish you are looking for, we will acquire it for you.

Our range of fish accessories include:

• Fish tanks and bowls

• Fish foods

• Fish tank air pumps

• Tank filters

• Tank heaters

Find out about the types of fish we have in store.

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